Tran Luu Hau

Tran Luu Hau

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1928 Born in Ninh Binh, the North of Viet Nam
1953 Graduated from the Viet Nam Fine Arts College – Resistance session (1950-1953)
1962 Graduated from the Moscow Fine Arts Academy of Theatre Decoration Department
1950-1953 The staff of Executive Committee of Vietnam Plastic Arts Artist Association in second and third session
1962-1989 Professor of Art, The Ha Noi Fine Arts University
1975-1985 First prize of Plastic Art Exhibition
1986 Group Painting Exhibition, Bulgari
1991 Personal Exhibition, Paris


The Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum, Viet Nam
The Orient Museum, USSR
The National Orient Fine Arts Museum, Poland
Various private collections at home and aboard.

Tran Luu Hau is among the 22 painter trained in the first course, usually referred to as the Khang chien (Resistance) course, of the Viet Nam Fine Arts School created in 1949 in the Viet Bac masques by the regretted master To Ngoc Van.

With a palette vibrant with warm, even dazzling, tones, he is prone to an expressionistic style while his sight is turned inward. He does not paint what he sees as objective things, but wants to “interiorize” them first. Everything he chooses to paint is filtered through his own self to crystallize into a vision of his heart which is to be eventually projected on the canvas. This seems to be the functioning mechanism of every genuine artistic creation.

Flowers Gouache on carton 78×98 cm (#TLHau01)


Still life Gouache on carton 80×101 cm (#TLHau02)

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Still life Gouache on carton 80×101 cm (#TLHau02)