Ha Tri Hieu

Ha Tri Hieu

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1959 Born in Cat Dong – Ha Tay

1983 Graduated from Ha Noi University of Industrial Fine Arts Member of “Gang of Five”



1990-1993 “Gang of Five” Exhibition in Ha Noi

1991 “Gang of Five” Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

1994 “Gang of Five” Exhibition in London

1994 Art Exhibition , Hongkong

1995 “Six contemporary Vietnamese painting Exhibition in Gallery” YOKOMAHA

PORTSIDE Tokyo – Japan.


Solo Exhibitions

1996 “Red River Gallery”, Ha Noi


Having Painting reserved in the National Museum of Singapore.

Hoang Hac Gallery Ho Chi Minh City


Ha Tri Hieu was born in Hanoi in 1959 and graduated from Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts College in 1963. He is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and his work has been exhibited in his homeland Vietnam as well as in the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway and the United States.

Hieu is possessed by an ardent yet shyly self-conscious passion which finds its expression in the impetuosity of colours combined with a refined subtleness of light that seems to be enlivened by a sudden outpouring of long-suppressed vitality. Featureless faces with white yawnings instead of mouths from which soar up silent songs. Cows, sometimes elongated but giving nonetheless an impression of squareness, of a quiet earthy colour of soil like the peasant’s life.

Hieu has been painting cows and buffaloes for around twelve years. He has continuously produced hundreds of gouaches and oil paintings almost indefatigably without getting bored. He appropriates “it”, which means not the cow itself – this familiar and useful beast – but the leitmotiv instead, the pre-concept of an aesthetic attention which focuses on his own proper world. “It” is merely the pivot that enables the painter to utilize this artistic language on the picture surface, ranging from figures, colours, tempos, rhythms, onto the composition. All the other motifs revolve around it – a country girl, a painter, a child, an old lady, a stone dog, flowers, fruit … in short, everything the artist wants to paint, and these items are closely associated with each other. All this has bought novelty and attractiveness to the commonly familiar things portrayed in Hieu’s pictures.

(Text by Nguyen Quan)

Traditional Operetta – Oil on canvas – 100×110 cm (#HTHieu02)


Tending oxen – Oil on canvas – 65×74 cm (#HTHieu01)