Duong Tuan Kiet

Duong Tuan Kiet

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1940: born in Tan An, Long An province

Member of the Viet Nam Fine Art Association

Member of the HCM Fine Art Association


1980, 1982 & 1985: Participated in the national Exhibitions.
1993: Two- men show, HCM City Press CLUB
1995: Group Exhibition, Lam Son Lacquer Company, HCM City
1997: Group Exhibition, HCM City Fine Arts Association.
1998 & 1999 & 2003: One – man Show, Tu Do Gallery, HCM City.



1991: La Rotonde Palace, Paris, France.
1991: APA Villa, Singapore.
1992: “Vietnam Peace in Art”, I.M.F, Washington DC, USA.
1998: “Vision from Viet Nam”, London, U.K.
2000: “Vietnamese Lacquer Painting”, Foot hills Art Center, Golden, Colorado, USA.
2001: “International Vision”, Washington, US.
Many paintings are in Private Collections in the various countries.


Enchanted by the mysterious feature of  lacquer, Kiet has occupied himself  with this art from as a pleasant hobby, indeed, he never calls himself an artist, stating that his delight in painting in a simply similar to such hobbies as fishing or listening to music. His straightforward and down – to – earth propensity is noticeably reflected in his work. His paintings usually portray familiar subject matters such as music, girls, flowers, and nature beauty. Images and figures in his paintings are often simplified to create a sense of purity and openness. His colors, as he said, are inspired from traditional theatre, yet softened to harmonize with his paintings. These colors mix well with the expressive characteristics of lacquer, adding warmth and vivacity to his paintings. From the naivety and charm of his lacquer paintings arise a dreamy feeling of reality fused with illusion. After all, Kiet seems to say  that the meaning of his paintings is plain, and that is emotion that counts. ( VIETNAM Business – March 01 – 15, 1998)

The girl with lotus – lacquer on wood – 60×80 cm (#DTKiet02)

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The girl with lotus – lacquer on wood – 60×80 cm (#DTKiet02)

Young girl and flowers – lacquer on wood – 60×80 cm (#DTKiet01)