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Dang Xuan Hoa

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Distinguished early among the young artist, even prior to 1990, Dang Xuan Hoa is a qualified painter. Endowed with the abilities of Nam Dinh men of letters, he has the flair when observing separate figures and the entire structure and is apt to express emotions through figures and shapes. Hence his paintings always have a proper ending; while drawing, he can stop in whatever place of the picture at will, since the compositions appear to be constantly perfect in themselves. As for the harmony of colours, it has a surface appeal with very subtle aesthetic feelings. There arise in his paintings sadness – evoking feelings from a plastic art tendency that apparently wants to tell and conceal everything in the same instant. In his portraits, he wishes to beautify the accommodating beauty of each character as well as to evoke the deformity of each human fate. In others he made use of different motifs such as fish, eats, Buddhist streamers, ceramics, grass and flowers, human figures … They vary multidimentionally on a quite flat surface, only the series of colours undergo some changes to create an illusion of a dimensional relief.


1959 Born in Nam Dinh – Viet Nam

1983 Graduated from Ha Noi College Fine Arts

Presently Member of Vietnamese Fine Art Association

Collections The Vietnamese National Fine Art of Museum

The Singapore National Fine Art of Museum

Private collection inside and outside Viet Nam.


1980-1989 Ha Noi Annual Fine Art Exhibition

1985 Young Painters Exhibition – Ha Noi

1987 “16 Painters” Exhibition – Viet Nam National Fine Art of Viet Nam

1988 International Young Painters Exhibition – U.S.S.R

1989 Havana Tercera Biennial – Cuba

1990 National Fine Arts Exhibition – Ha Noi

Group show “The Gang of Five” – Gallery 7 Hang Khay – Ha Noi

“Portrait” Exhibition – Gallery 7 Hang Khay – Ha Noi

1991 “Uncorked soul” Contemporary Art from Viet Nam Pium Blossoms Gallery – Hong Kong – Singapore

International Book Fair Exhibition – Hong Kong

Group show “The Gang of Five” Gallery Thanh Nien, Ho Chi Minh city.

1992 Abstract Painting Exhibition – Hoang Hac Gallery, Ho Chi Minh city.

1993 Group show “The Gang of Five” – Ha Noi

Modern Vietnamese Art Exhibition – Holland

1994 Group show “The Gang of Five” – London

One Man Show – Koussvitzky Art Gallery – Berkshire Community College – Fittsfield – Massachusetts – USA.

One Man Show – Lilianimmig Gallery – Boston Massachusetts.

One Man Show – Blanchard Trust Gallery – Emmeson

Umberalla center for the Art – Concord

One Man Show – East – West Cultural Studies Project Room – Gallery Soho – 568 Bradway – New York City.

1995 Group Show – Red River Gallery – Ha Noi

Weather Report Exhibition – Europe – Asia

“An Ocean a past” Exhibition – USA.

1996 “Two Friends, Two Styles” – La Vong Gallery – Hong Kong

Group Show “The Gang of Five” – La Vong Gallery – Hong Kong

Group Show – Dong Son Gallery – Ha Noi

“Rural Poetry” group show

Cicada Gallery of Fine Arts – Singapore

“Color Country” group show – The 19 Gallery – Ha Noi

1997 “Portrait” Exhibition – Trang An Gallery – Ha Noi

One Man Show – Mai Gallery – Ha Noi.

1999 “2000 Spring Art Exhibition” at CODO ALLERY, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.


1996 “Red River Gallery”, Ha Noi

Having Painting reserved in the National Museum of Singapore.

Hoang Hac Gallery Ho Chi Minh City

1999 Exhibition “Cat Painting” at Co Do Gallery – Ha Noi

1999 Group show at Argentina

Portrait – Oil on canvas – 80×54 cm (#DXHoa03)

Price Inquiry

Portrait – Oil on canvas – 80×54 cm (#DXHoa03)

Nude – Gouache on carton – 75×105 cm (#DXHoa02)


Man and thing – Gouache on carton – 61×100 cm (#DXHoa01)