Dinh Ru

Dinh Ru

Born Dang Tuc, born 10 October 1937

He is a native of Cham village of Phuoc Son district, Ninh Thuan province.

Graduated from Intermediate level V (1962- 1965) and Vietnam University of Fine Arts, IX (1965-70);

He was a member of

1969: The Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

1968-1975: The Politics Bureau and went to B2 to work in the South Vietnamese Liberation Army

1975- 1978: Political Bureau Military Region VII Military Training Bureau

1978 -1990: Faculty of Sculpture Faculty of Fine Arts University of Ho Chi Minh City

The wood carvings of the sculptor Dinh Rú immersed the feelings of the people of ethnic minorities in labor, customs,

activities, festivals, especially about the image of the mother, the woman. His sculptural language inherits the

linguistic tradition of Western Highlands wood sculpture combined with the modern sculptural language, creating a

rustic, less polished style with a primitive but stylized decor. . He is an ethnic sculptor who has made many

contributions to the modern sculpture of Vietnam.


 The Silver Medal of the National Art Exhibition in 1985;

 Award of the Cultural Development Fund of Vietnam – Sweden in 2000;

 Regional Art Exhibition Award VI (Ho Chi Minh City): Second Prize in 2004, B in 2002, C in 2003, 2007 and

2008, 1993 Promotion and Award, 1994, In 1999 and 2006.

 The State Prize for Art Literature II for works of Resistance Rice – Gypsum – 120cm high (1968) in 2007;

 Shelter – wooden statue – height 150cm (2002);

 The unfortunate woman – wooden statue – 120cm high (1993).

 Third Class Resistance War against America

 Third Class Liberation Warrior Order

 Medal for the cause of Vietnamese Arts and Letters

 Medal for the cause of Vietnamese art.